Women Accessories, Shoes and Jewelry Trend Forecast Theme: Touching

/Women Accessories, Shoes and Jewelry Trend Forecast Theme: Touching

The touching trend focuses on physical and mental health as well as the connection between humans and the outside world. The design of jewelry accessories, shoes and jewellery is quite meditation, emphasizing a material of touching and a color to improve mood.

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The material and surface have a water flow effect on imitation gold jewelry manufacturers: the spa influences the design and is expressed in a liquid material and a surface and decoration with a water flow effect.

Color can improve mood: striking colors are used in accessories, shoes and jewelry, incorporating the stimulating effects of color.

The enhanced material is very important: the simple product is more sturdy, and the leather and woven material combines new textures and structures.

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Soft pastel colors such as light lavender violet and oyster powder dominate the sand, and darker shades such as eggplant purple and psychedelic blue are also core colors. Psychedelic powder and vibrant red add a sense of vitality, and the modern metallic colors throughout the collection incorporate technology inspiration.

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Negative Space

Health is a major focus of the trend, and it inspires designers from imitation Earrings Manufacturers to integrate accessories and jewelry into their body. The design is extremely simple, and the frame structure makes the decorative elements as well as the materials and bright colors more eye-catching.


The spa inspired the design of accessories, shoes and jewellery, with flowing structures, reflective materials and fringed decorative elements. Conceptual decorations bring new meaning to the simple jewelry accessory design.

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Infiltrated Color

The key point to eye-catching, colorful designer holiday products. Designed to draw inspiration from color therapy, focusing on a single color and vibrant color. The hue is saturated and used to brighten the shoes, bags and jewelry. Gradient colors are well used in the glasses category.

Limb Touch

Synthetic materials are fashionable, and the spring and summer accessories category in 2020 will evolve into a colloidal trend. The smooth gel surface is tactile and will be used in accessories, costume rings wholesale, footwear and bag hardware.

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Romantic Flower Plant

Nature is a key source of inspiration, and plant elements are commercially attractive. Repeated floral and leaf patterns are modern and psychedelic. These flowers are striking and stylish, not so feminine and cute. Synthetic and colored materials are the focus.

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Changing State

The expansion of virtual reality technology provides inspiration for design. Forms and decorations are short-lived and varied. Even hallucinating. This theme features colored ripples, flowing silk and psychedelic woven leather.

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