Tips of 925 Silver Jewelry Daily Protection

/Tips of 925 Silver Jewelry Daily Protection

Sterling silver is easy to discolor, which is well known to everyone.

However, silver even charming though discoloration. From ancient times to the present, silver is pure and noble, evil spirits praying, and pampering the preciousness of health. Even in some cases, it is more temperament because of its discoloration characteristics.

First of all
There are sulfur or sulfide in the air. As an accessory worn on the body, it is unrealistic to be isolated from the air. Although it may be discolored, people are still interested in these silver jewelry. If it is placed or stored, it should be stored in a closed container protected from the air.

The Second
Many bath products such as soap have high concentrations of sulfur or sulfide. We’d better take them off when in such an environment. Moisture and high temperatures also accelerate chemical reactions. We have to know these possible occasions when we buy from artificial jewellery manufacturers.

The Third
Hot springs and sea water can quickly discolor 925 sterling silver jewelry. If you are close to these occasions, please take them off. It is a good choice to take it off and put them in a self-sealing plastic bag.

The Forth
People with great sweat gland are not that suitable for wearing 925 sterling silver jewellery. Because there may be traces of sulfur or sulfide elements in the sweat. If you really like it, you’d better test if you want to wear it and which style accessory you want to wear.

The Fifth
Please keep the silver jewelry and wholesale fake gold bracelets dry. Using cotton and cotton balls to absorb moisture from the surface when not in use. Coexisting in a dry and closed container avoiding the air.

The Sixth
It is also very important that when we wear the 925 sterling silver jewelry we shouldn’t touch it frequently, and never play on them. Frequent touches will erase the surface of the protective oil on the silver jewelry, the consequences could be imagined. Fashion pendants manufacturers stick to this suggestion.

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