The Most Possible Damaging Parts of Jewelry

/The Most Possible Damaging Parts of Jewelry
  • Earrings Needle

The needle is the most weak part of the earrings, since they are very thin, especially due to the design of the earrings, some parts of the needles are stick together handmade. In our usual time, once we wearing them in the wrong way without protection, they will be deformation, fracture, fall off. So we need to protect them carefully. Shop your favorite style from the reliable artificial bangles suppliers.

  • Chain Buckle

Buckle is the necessary part of the chain jewelry. Bracelet, necklace and other chain jewelry with design of buckle. And the buckle is also the most weak part of the chain jewelry. They always easy to be deformation, fracture, fall off. Beside daily protection, we should notice the jewelry detail, never pull them. We’d better take them off when we sleeping, homeworking, sporting, swimming. All the gold bracelets suppliers couldn’t promise the jewelry are never be damaged.

  • Diamond or Stone falling off

There are many mosaic techniques in diamond jewelry. No matter in what kind of mosaic jewelry, It is inevitable for the diamond or stone falling off. Apart from our daily checking, we need to pay attention to the case of stone loosing. We have to go to the jewelry repair shop to have a check and repair.

  • Rings Damaging

The whole rings is very weak. In our daily life, we use our hands and fingers frequently. So it is easy to scratch or loosing. Sometimes, we need to shear. If you want to have a long use of them, we need to take good care of them. Even the 925 sterling silver necklaces manufacturers hold these suggestions.

Over all, anything not sure, we need to go to the repair shop to repair your jewelry.

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