The Differences In The Design Style Of Jewelry In Different Countries

/The Differences In The Design Style Of Jewelry In Different Countries

The likes and dislikes of Eastern and Western jewelry design often depend on a series of factors such as Eastern and Western lifestyles, natural conditions, and different cultural aesthetics. Different periods, regions and ethnic groups have created countless jewellery pieces according to their respective needs. Jewelry such as Rings Manufacturer has changed with the development of science and technology and culture and art.There are also many differences in jewelry culture between East and West.

Chinese Art Design Conception: It has the beauty of historical heritage, auspiciousness and naturalism.

Chinese people have always advocated the auspicious tradition. Therefore, the jewellery design has a good impression on traditional auspicious animals such as dragons, phoenixes, lyrics, unicorns, and other auspicious animals such as “8”, “6” and “9”. In addition, because the Chinese people have thought that the more exquisite and exquisite jewellery has become more and more expensive since ancient times, the jewellery design in China also tends to be more complicated. The jewellery design is complicated and exquisite, and the Chinese people are more enthusiastic as well as the Jewelry Manufacturer from China.

French Art Design Conception: Rich in classical elements, court luxury.

France has a long history and cultural heritage. The glorious era of the “Sun King” and the “Mary Queen” esteem for fashion have deeply influenced today’s jewelry design. The palace is full of sense, luxury and elegant style are favored, and large particles of diamonds and gems are very popular in France. Those classical, literary jewels can also reflect the classic romantic feelings of the French.

Italian Art Design Conception: Geometric shape, natural, hand-made.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy has strong originality, rich imagination and high level of craftsmanship. Modern Italian jewellery design is good at establishing an intrinsic connection with sculpture, and drawing on the techniques of sculpture to create modern jewellery design. Some well-known Italian jewellery designers are known as sculptors, and some sculptors also love design jewellery. Vicenza is one of the world’s leading jewellery production bases. The level of jewellery design is second to none, especially in the field of gold Jewelry Sets Manufacturer, with world-class design and processing skills.

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