Spring & Summer Jewelry Crafts Analysis Metal Texture

/Spring & Summer Jewelry Crafts Analysis Metal Texture

Jewelry texture is the external texture of jewelry, which refers to the shape of the structural texture of the surface of the material. A variety of criss-crossing, uneven, rough and smooth texture changes, so that jewelry has a rich touch. Texture plays a vital role in the form and content of rich jewelry in jewelry. As the creator and designer of jewelry, we need to take the initiative to discover the moving texture of life and then use it in jewelry creation in Jewelry Manufacturer.

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Leaf Jewelry Texture

Inspired by nature, Christine Mackellar’s natural texture, copied from nature, is the finishing, divergence, and complementation of nature’s texture. The process that is most common for the refinement of natural texture is the leaf texture. The delicate leaves are reproduced on the various metals, and the metal gives it a new life!

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Drawing Jewelry Texture

The delicate and uniform brushed texture is widely used and gives a restrained impression. If you want to make a distinctive visual effect, you can start from the order of drawing the depth, thickness and thread.

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Frosted Jewelry Texture

Sandy metal jewellery contrasts sharply with the wearer’s skin. This texture effect is generally made by a sand blasting process. The matte texture can produce a strong visual impact with a smooth metal surface. If a piece of jewelry has two textures, its texture will be very prominent. Jewelry Sets Manufacturer may have a great creation on frosted texture.

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Rock Jewelry Texture

The rock texture gives a sense of returning to the original, and the style is more modern. The rough rock texture reduces the metallic luster. The rock’s generally rugged surface visually provokes sensitive nerves. The metal is oxidized to give a rock-like color.

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Hammer Jewelry Texture

Using the ductility of the metal, hitting the metal with a hammer, the metal is forced to produce a concave and convex texture, and repeatedly beaten to achieve the desired effect. Different hammer patterns form different texture effects. This must be made by hand-made texture effects depending on the metalwork basis of the producer.

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Other Jewelry Texture

The texture of the fabric is criss-crossed, the texture of the wood is simple, and the texture of the fabric is full of order… The metal texture is becoming more and more diversified and personalized. More and more designers from Earrings Manufacturers may have a great interesting in texture material.

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