Popular Fashion Mysterious Egyptian Style Jewelry

/Popular Fashion Mysterious Egyptian Style Jewelry

Influenced by Chanel’s latest season’s high-end handicraft workshop series, Egyptian style jewellery has ushered in a new round of fashion in the fashion world. It is also retro and luxurious with a touch of glamour and sexy, such as tassel elements, Horus eye, snake, insect. Such as the shape, exaggerated and unique style is very suitable for the annual meeting or party wear, definitely become the focus of the jewelry lovers!

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Eye Of Horus

As a symbol that has been passed down from ancient Egypt, it is one of the most impressive and representative symbols of ancient Egyptian culture; the symbols with ancient mysterious colors are worn as jewellery elements, both personal and sucking by most jewelry manufacturer.

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Beetle Element

The beetle is also one of the most common Egyptian elements and has the meaning of protecting the peace. The full shape is matched with the inlaid colored gemstones, which are small and delicately embellished on the wearer’s body.

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Tassel Element

The long pendant weakens the exaggerated design and plays a role in modifying the face. The chain that sways along with the movements sets the elegant and agile temperament of the wearer, and is also the perfect match for shoulders, tube tops and other dresses.

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Serpentine Element

The crown of the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Queen’s headdress must be able to find the pattern of the snake made of gold and precious stones. The serpentine element choosing by jewelry sets manufacturer is also a design element used by major jewelry brands. The snake’s soft lines are designed with a touch of charm and special temperament.

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