Women Accessories, Shoes and Jewelry Trend Forecast Theme: Touching

The touching trend focuses on physical and mental health as well as the connection between humans and the outside world. The design of jewelry accessories, shoes and jewellery is quite meditation, emphasizing a material of touching and a color to improve mood. The material and surface have a water flow effect on imitation gold jewelry manufacturers: the spa influences the design and is expressed in a liquid material and a surface and decoration with a water flow effect. Color can [...]

2020 Ladies Jewelry Accessories Trend Forecast – Exotic Gorgeous

Personality is the key point of this trend, with mix-match materials, conflict styles and multicultural elements to show the beauty of the complex. Foreign and cross-cultural elements are blended and updated with bright bold colors and textures. Fancy fabrics and mixed decorations highlight the brilliance, which has been popular for many seasons and will growth quickly. Designers draw inspiration from the architecture and art of the past imitation jewellery wholesale, blending nostalgic elements with global style . Asymmetrical [...]

2019 Autumn And Winter Ladies Accessories Color: Meaningful

This theme insist on durable and timeless design. The colors are feeling of retro, such as bakelite and the mid-century design, but have been modernized improved. These rich different colors are classic and can be used pass seasons, exquisite but personal, different from ordinary 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry. Color Trend The dark brown color is the the most important thing: influenced by the mid-century style, focusing on the pure autumn color, pine cone color, pumpkin [...]

2019 Autumn and Winter Jewelry Design for Ladies Theme – School Return Style

College style and traditional elements influence back-to-school theme shoes. Source of Inspiration As the school year begins, college style and traditional elements influence the design of back-to-school jewellery. Personalization is still very important, amulet elements and small jewelry accessories are the point, and personalized jewelry sets represent a unique charm style. Art inspires the design of earrings and brooches, bringing a modern yet youthful jewelry product by imitation gold jewelry manufacturers. Geometric Earrings The over-sized [...]

2019 Summer Girls Essential Accessories on T-stage, Street and Show

Party Style Commodity Jewelry--Jewelry The development of party culture set off a retro craze trendy. In the spring and summer of 2019, the trend of “night of new retro” was integrated into the fashion girls market. The sleek and eye-catching earrings and collars were full of metal texture. And small diamonds appeared to be luxurious in artificial bracelets manufacturers. Layer Combination Pendants - Jewellery The popular necklaces in 90's evolved into pendants combination this season. Eye-catching gold is [...]

New Trends In Jewelry Accessories: All Flowers Boom Together

In the spring of 2019, the ladies fashion jewelry accessories suppliers and shoes presented a trend of flowers, full of femininity, and showed fun and vitality. The afternoon tea theme inspired the young women shoes style, which boom in the 19 early spring and summer jewelry accessories series. The return of the lady's style, the shape of the Trolltech Spring Festival theme is in line with this trend. The style is very romantic, and it [...]