Tips of 925 Silver Jewelry Daily Protection

Sterling silver is easy to discolor, which is well known to everyone. However, silver even charming though discoloration. From ancient times to the present, silver is pure and noble, evil spirits praying, and pampering the preciousness of health. Even in some cases, it is more temperament because of its discoloration characteristics. First of all There are sulfur or sulfide in the air. As an accessory worn on the body, it is unrealistic to be isolated [...]

Chinese Knotting Applying On Jewelry Design

Chinese knotting is our traditional Chinese knot artistry as well as a typical performance of Chinese aesthetic design. But in most time,Chinese knotting is mainly used in the almost Chinese style works. 925 Sterling Silver Earrings with Chinese Knotting Today we will have a sharing on some jewelry design basing on Chinese knot element. More and more artificial necklaces manufacturers from China will get this trendy and apply to their products. Let's have a look [...]

The Most Possible Damaging Parts of Jewelry

Earrings Needle The needle is the most weak part of the earrings, since they are very thin, especially due to the design of the earrings, some parts of the needles are stick together handmade. In our usual time, once we wearing them in the wrong way without protection, they will be deformation, fracture, fall off. So we need to protect them carefully. Shop your favorite style from the reliable artificial bangles suppliers. Chain Buckle Buckle [...]

Chic Wings Feather Jewelry With Gemstone

Wings feather jewelry, the cool walking with the wind. Beauty Feather Earrings I don't know when it started to hang a feather trendy wind, Different colors and materials feathers create different styles of girls. Fashion Feather Earrings Wholesale Feathers are ideal for exaggerated jewelry making accessories suppliers. Large area of feather collage and embellishments, Making the jewelry accessories look more lively and layered. Although the feather is not that small, it looks light and elegant,fulling [...]

The Second Language – Modern Jewelry

The power of developing modern jewelry art is caring the demand of spirit. Jewelry always just the symbol of wealth, richness or power in human beings. It affects the profit of the 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry. When Professor Tengfei bring the “Modern Jewelry Art” in China, the culture of jewelry has a deep development. As the beginner of Chinese Modern Jewelry Art, Professor Tengfei make jewelry as the second language of herself.  It had a [...]

Should Or Not Wear Jewelry When Pregnant

Beauty is the love for all the female, even a baby girl. And even though they look for the fake jewelry accessories suppliers to buy some economic jewelry. So all of them always own lots of jewelry, and some of them are even expensive. Wearing jewelry makes them more beauty and elegant. But when pregnant, is it still OK to wear jewelry? We need to have a full understanding of it. It will make a [...]