Another Design Perspective Of 2020 Pearl Jewelry

3D Styling Pearl Jewelry Looking tired of flat pearl jewelry? Pearls "jump" in different structural spaces, viewing different angles will have different visual experience, 3D modeling pearl jewelry is more convenient to modify women's facial lines. Geometric Shape The combination of pearl and geometric shape, the sense of fashion and elegance immediately soars! In geometric shapes, the inlays of pearls tend to be diversified: pearls are inserted inside the circle, outside, and pearls intersect with [...]

The Same Style Jewelry With Magazine Star Recommendation

Chaumet Asian star Gemma Chan wears the Chaumet Insolence diamond ring on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. The designer of most jewelry manufacturer naturally blends the bow and the rope, symbolizing the emotional connection through the intertwined form. Jacob&Co The Jacob&Co collection of colorful rings, worn by American actress Julianne Moore, is featured on the March cover of the US magazine L'Officiel. Lady Grey Mexican actress Lupita Nyongo wears the Lady Grey brand Sequence [...]

Letters Imprinted On Jewels

In the latest issue of "Women's Romantic Travel", the international chapter of the altar has been given to the guests a letter necklace, the scene is touching. The letter-customized necklace was once again on the top of the list because of Zhang Ziyi’s move. The major brands also love the jewelry of the letter elements, and more and more jewelry manufacturer have added text elements to the new season jewelry that is launched in this [...]

Jewelry POP Elements Pave Rhinestones

The retro style has been blown from the winter of 2019 to the spring and summer of this year. The heat is still unabated and there is a continuous upward trend. As the temperature gradually warmed up, the major brands rushed to introduce the 80-year disco nightclub-style pavé-style diamond-style jewellery. The sparkling rhinestones shimmered in the refracting of the light, so that the summer eye-catching fashion trendsman How can Jewelry Manufacturer miss it? Gucci's latest [...]

Selection of Japanese Jewelry Popular Elements

Japanese Geometric Elements The hot geometric elements, Japanese jewelry is naturally not to be missed, Japanese geometric jewelry keeps up with the international trend, while incorporating the characteristics of the country, such as adding a round pearl, symmetrical lattice window pattern. Geometric Frame Japanese jewelry geometric frame plane is more, triangles and diamonds appear higher frequency, the geometric frame of the plane is mostly in the form of splicing and tandem, and the geometric frame [...]

Popular Pearl Jewelry Collection

How can the rare jewellery of the fire every year be reduced? 2019 spring and summer pearl elements are still a must-have item for fashionistas. TASAKI subverts the traditional impression of pearls, "playing" the beauty of the pearls. Designer Nancy Newberg combines pearls with architectural shapes and surface textures to create high-quality jewellery by Jewelry Manufacturer. TASAKI In order to subvert the traditional impression of pearls, TASAKI, a famous Japanese pearl brand, “plays” the beauty [...]