Selection of Japanese Jewelry Popular Elements

Japanese Geometric Elements The hot geometric elements, Japanese jewelry is naturally not to be missed, Japanese geometric jewelry keeps up with the international trend, while incorporating the characteristics of the country, such as adding a round pearl, symmetrical lattice window pattern. Geometric Frame Japanese jewelry geometric frame plane is more, triangles and diamonds appear higher frequency, the geometric frame of the plane is mostly in the form of splicing and tandem, and the geometric frame [...]

Popular Pearl Jewelry Collection

How can the rare jewellery of the fire every year be reduced? 2019 spring and summer pearl elements are still a must-have item for fashionistas. TASAKI subverts the traditional impression of pearls, "playing" the beauty of the pearls. Designer Nancy Newberg combines pearls with architectural shapes and surface textures to create high-quality jewellery by Jewelry Manufacturer. TASAKI In order to subvert the traditional impression of pearls, TASAKI, a famous Japanese pearl brand, “plays” the beauty [...]

Men’s Jewelry Design Topic – Avant-Garde Music Festival

Inspiration The avant-garde music festival trend incorporates practical details into key music festival styles, matching the touches and other trends of spring and summer of 2019. Delicate earrings, rings and necklaces create a soft summer feel. Functional fabrics add technical detail to create a wrist and belt piece. The neutral color of the desert is complemented by the color of the music, highlighting the outdoor style,which is common in normal Jewelry Manufacturer. Beaded Chain Necklace [...]

2020 Autumn & Winter Men’s Jewelry Piece

Increase the chain of the chain to show the youthful personality, This is the most prominent link structure of the season for Jewelry Manufacturer. The cumbersome style, two-tone effect, plastic and ceramic ingredients bring an update. Not only can be used as a necklace, chain or key to making a bracelet. Longer styles are the most popular. Different lengths can be stacked. Beaded necklaces and bracelets add a modern touch to clothing, Natural materials, metals [...]

Spring & Summer Jewelry Crafts Analysis Metal Texture

Jewelry texture is the external texture of jewelry, which refers to the shape of the structural texture of the surface of the material. A variety of criss-crossing, uneven, rough and smooth texture changes, so that jewelry has a rich touch. Texture plays a vital role in the form and content of rich jewelry in jewelry. As the creator and designer of jewelry, we need to take the initiative to discover the moving texture of life [...]

2020 Popular Jewelry Material – Turquoise

Beaded Turquoise The pearly turquoise looks lively and vivid, and plays a finishing touch in the metal material from Earrings Manufacturers. The high-quality jewellery with exquisite workmanship meets the high-quality turquoise, and the jewellery highlights the individualized color under the gorgeous appearance. Mosaic Crafts Turquoise is generally cut into full-faced gemstones, which are visually “jumped” inlaid on metal. When turquoise is the main stone, most of them will be matched with smashed diamonds to enrich [...]