Men’s Jewelry Design Topic – Avant-Garde Music Festival

/Men’s Jewelry Design Topic – Avant-Garde Music Festival


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The avant-garde music festival trend incorporates practical details into key music festival styles, matching the touches and other trends of spring and summer of 2019. Delicate earrings, rings and necklaces create a soft summer feel. Functional fabrics add technical detail to create a wrist and belt piece. The neutral color of the desert is complemented by the color of the music, highlighting the outdoor style,which is common in normal Jewelry Manufacturer.

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Beaded Chain Necklace

This upgraded design refurbished a classic beaded necklace and chain necklace. The beaded chain is designed to create a unique shape that forms a two-in-one style. Gold, silver and brushed metal combine with wood beads and resin beads for long and short necklaces. Try complex round and disc beading to create a new musical festival style.

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Ribbon Wristband

Inspired by the common music festival wristbands, the webbing reveals a practical touch. Sport buckles and pins are used as fasteners for easy adjustment. Vibrant colors such as sky blue, mineral red and energy yellow match the rebellious tone of different trends. Choose from the flamboyant prints and images to create a pure outdoor look for Earrings Manufacturers.

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Thick Thumb Ring

Inspired by the trend of the 00s, the thick thumb ring became an alternative to the popular ring. The smooth and smooth industrial wind texture reshapes the minimalist design with brushed silver and brushed white enamel for business appeal. This rustic piece is aimed at young music festivals and creates a casual look for the basic men’s jewelry collection.

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Chain Earrings

Chain earrings refurbished classic earrings. The slack design is complemented by a gorgeous chain for a casual look. Or thick or thin links are presented in a shorter form, suitable for single ear shape. This low-key, earthy silhouette upgrades the music festival jewelry collection. More and more Rings Manufacturer try colored metal and practical wind textures to add alternative elements.

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Waist Chain

The waist chain is a functional jewellery piece. A hook and loop fastener attaches the chain to the trousers and incorporates hiking elements. Short beaded chains and long chains bring a practical and decorative look with delicate necklaces and earrings. The use of color embellishments and technological materials highlights the sporty style.

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