Leave The Metal Jewelry Having a Rest in Summer

/Leave The Metal Jewelry Having a Rest in Summer

Metal jewelry has been a very common jewellery in our life. Metal jewelry stores can be found everywhere in the city streets. With the improvement of living standards, the fashionable women or some older elders wearing some good-looking metal jewelry can also be seen everywhere when walking on the street. Under the sunshine, the metal jewelry exudes bright light. With the improvement of the carving technique, the wholesale fashion necklaces jewelry company designer has given the metal a more beautiful appearance, attracting more and more attention.

Wearing gold and silver jewellery is a hobby of many women. Many people wear good-looking dresses with metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings when walking out in the hot summer. Although wearing metal jewelry in the hot summer can increase our beauty, but it is not that good from a health point of view, long-term wearing jewelry will have some impact on our body.

In summer, all parts of the our body are prone to sweating. Metal jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. usually contain a certain amount of nickel, chromium and other ingredients, especially those of low-cost, low-quality synthetic metal jewelry. Once the body sweats, the sweat will react with metal elements such as nickel and chromium in the jewelry, which can easily lead to contact dermatitis, such as erythema, blisters, itching and other symptoms. If the jewelry is not picked up in time, the allergic symptoms will gradually spread, forming blood rashes and edema. In severe cases, ulcers may form and seriously damage the skin health of the person.

In addition, in the patterns of these metal jewellery, it is easy to contaminate and hide viruses and bacteria, and become a place for “staining dirt”. In the hot summer weather, bacteria will grow and spread gradually. If we worn these wholesale metal jewelry, it will easily cause skin infection.

Some others like to wear a variety of jewellery at the same time, with earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc., one can not be less. What’s more, wearing a few rings on one hand and three or four earrings on one ear, it really does not add beauty and temperament. More importantly, wearing too much jewelry will greatly increase the penetration area of harmful substances to the human body, so that the probability of human injury is significantly increased, it is also recommended by 925 sterling silver bracelets wholesale.

Jewelry is worn to add beauty, but it must be based on the premise of not damaging our health. If it hurts our health because of beauty, it will not be worth the loss. We only regard those good-looking ornaments as decorations. What is really beautiful is ourselves. Physical health is the capital for us to have a good life. Those external things are not worthy of being a hindrance to health.

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