Jewelry Design with Expanded Imagination

/Jewelry Design with Expanded Imagination

The design of jewellery is always changing, there are regular style that everyone can like and wear, and the existence of individual styles that break the conventional thinking, so the design of different styles on jewellery looks amazing, let’s take a look at these jewels with expanded imagination!

Mechanical Style Jewelry – Breaking Through The Traditional Dynamic Collision

Jewelry is a gift from nature. It has its own unique beauty. It is never exist alone. The beauty of mechanical jewelry is a dynamic beauty. Van Cleef & Arpels’ Le Secret collection of jewellery uses techniques such as labyrinths, organs, disassembly structures, hidden texts, and invisible inlays to create jewellery that make people surprising.

The layers of the gemstones are very versatile, and the clever organ design has ulterior motives, so that the ring can be distinguished from the regular ones, functional, and worthy of savoring.

Jewelry Style In The “Industrial” World

Industry is very tough in everyone’s eyes. When industrial design is applied to jewelry, this style may not be understood by most people. This is from the design of Moscow jewelry designer Vladimir Markin. It is very male and beautiful. Jewelry by imitation earrings manufacturers, metal hard and shiny diamonds show the cool mechanical style jewelry, the collision between the two hardest materials, giving us a different jewelry experience.

The faucet ear studs, I almost think this is the daily faucet if I don’t see the gemstone, this design is very picky for people, it is difficult to show the beauty.

Turbine cufflinks, the color choose by imitation wedding jewelry manufacturers is very textured, gold is always so advanced color.

Mechanical jewellery not only has a cold appearance but also a childlike interest. If the ring is placed under the faucet, the water column will hit the suede and will spray a spider-like butterfly-like water splash. It is also a functional ring. Is it interesting?

Thin paper-like jewels – this is a jewelry about the revolution of light material transformation

Jewelry designed with specially treated synthetic leather paper as thin as paper. This is a jewel designed for people with metal allergies. Because it is made of special materials, it will not wet or break even if it rains and sweats. It can also be used repeatedly, and it is very light and wears like a feeling of non-existence.

There are different colors and styles, although they are light but still very stylish, wearing the upper body will be very different, but this is not really jewelry, the effect of decoration is stronger.

There is also a style of cooperation with Disney, full of girls’ innocent fantasy, each piece of jewelry is a world, very interesting.

The Eye of Time

The most famous eye jewellery in the famous oil painting “Eternal Memory”.

The bright red beating heart jewellery continues the surrealist style in the jewellery design, so that each piece is filled with the grotesque feeling in everyone’s eyes. This series is a realistic abstraction to show the strange beauty of jewelry.

Space Elephant Jewelry

This piece of jewelry is to convey a concept to imitation gold jewelry manufacturers, so that everyone will have some reflection on their own. Such jewelry breaks the conventional way of wearing and makes the jewelry more exploratory.

These are all weird and exaggerated jewellery designs. Perhaps these are not incompatible with the jewellery in our lives, but these different styles of jewelry are unique and unique in our lives, looking for different heads.

With an eye-opening, your life will have more unexpected surprises and more jumping colors.

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