How Is The Status Of The Jewelry Industry?

/How Is The Status Of The Jewelry Industry?

Since ancient times, jewelry has been an indispensable part of human beings. As early as in the Stone Age, humans used bermace, shells, bone needles, as clothing jewelry to make them more beauty, and also used jewelry as a book seal for the protection of ancestors. After gaining strength, or as a worship, afterwards, the jewelry gradually retreated from the sacrifice, gradually unfolding as a character of human accessories, especially women, no matter beauty or ugly, rich or poor, different nationalities, women of all classes, fall in love in with jewelry. Even for a poor woman, a branch will be forked on the head, showing all people love beauty. How will Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers promote themselves?

 Development trend analysis for the jewelry industry in 2020:

First, the primary selling method for domestic jewelry work before 2000, there is still no jewelry work in the real sense. At the time, the jewelry is mainly sold with furniture, gifts, flowers, bedding and other products. After 2000, following the continuous warming of economy of China, the cost of jewelry developing in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places began to rise. Therefore, after 2000, some small jewelry franchise stores were appeared.

The trend of jewelry promotion in large cities is: Some large foreign multinational companies are optimistic about the infinite market of China jewelry about two years, especially this year, some large shopping malls have launched a special jewelry area. Jewelry franchise and shopping malls are the top two sales methods for Silver Earring Manufacturer.

Trends in the sale of jewelry in small and medium-sized cities: Due to the constraints of income levels, etc., the previous sales methods are still retained. That is to say, the sale of jewelry by the way of flower shop, gift shop, the jewelry are usually more general style, the level of accessories is low, but these years are gradually changing towards the big cities.

In recent years, traditional jewelry wholesale is not the primary method. The multi-path distribution method led by the terminal has gradually become the main body of the jewelry work path. Together, the brand franchise chain constitutes a new business plan with the advantages of its own scale operation. In 2005, with the Korean jewelry brand entering China, its infinite brand, quotation, operation, service, promotion, practice and franchise chain system support will undoubtedly transform the traditional operation mode of jewelry industry and hatch for the broad investors. Successful joining and opening stores have made small and medium-sized investors of Silver Rings Manufacturers in China more useful.

Although the transformation of the circulation field makes the distribution of jewelry to be terminal-oriented, the distribution channels of small and medium-sized shops and individual jewelry franchise stores in the traditional jewelry wholesale market, and jewelry franchise stores, traditional small jewelry stores, traditional brand stores, flagship stores, and main bodies. The case where new terminals such as specialty stores and online orders are coexisting in the same mall will continue for a while.

Second, the primary development trend of China jewelry work From the perspective of the process of China’s jewelry work, the jewelry work is now in a stable and rapid development period. In the next three to five years, with the continued rapid growth of the national economy and the continuous improvement of our material and cultural living standards, the prospects for the development of the current jewelry industry are considerable.

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