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/Hot Search Korean Drama Jewelry Accessories’ Inventory


Mzuug is a brand of Jewelry Manufacturer that often appears in popular magazines such as VOGUE, BAZAAR, ELLE, MARIE CLAIR. Baroque pearls are unique in their design and metal pleated surfaces. Brand design can reflect today’s trends.


NAR is a casual and rude performance. Clean, shiny metal, random lines twisted and wrinkled, and alternative designs of letters. This bead rings are hot in Rings Manufacturer and lot of designers love it.

Trois Rois

The Rois brand is strong. Unique gold earrings made from the softness and folding of the fabric. Pins, rectangles, and irregular cutting processes are exquisite and distinctive.


The MISAKI brand has a beautiful love story photographer and illustrator. Mainly based on the pearls cultured by Japanese AKOYA as the main design material of the product, it also grasps the trend direction of the popular, fine chain, geometric shape and so on. Next time, I will recommend some reliable Jewelry Sets Manufacturer for you.

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