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Big Hoop Earring has been popular in fashion since its early 1990s, and has been popular since the early 1990s. This BigHoopEarring style design by Silver Jewelry Manufacturer has once again swept.

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The Differences
No longer a monotonous coil, there are new breakthroughs and attempts in both material and design elements.

Flower Shape
Exaggerated styling, the floral shape composed of heavy colors has a huge impact on the visual, and the overall gives a feeling of enthusiasm. Suitable for a holiday style match for all Silver Earring Manufacturer.

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Acrylic Material
The material of acrylic is biased towards hip-hop in style. Unlike the luxury of precious metal jewelry, it is more interesting to wear, and the uniqueness of wearing style is also strong. It is the best match of the current street style.

Stack Ring Design
With a twist on the metal or a superposition on the lines to create a visual sense of space for Fashion Jewelry Sets Manufacturers, the design style is clean and simple. Suitable for daily attendance.

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