Evolution of Line Elements In Jewelry

/Evolution of Line Elements In Jewelry

SWAROVSKI creates a 3D entwined bow in rose gold, playful and young, exuding stylish lines. TASAKI uses a chain shape to present the shape of the wrapped pearl, which is fun and modern. The designer blends the rope elements into the pearl and K gold material, symbolizing the connection of emotions. The key point is how Jewelry Manufacturer apply this line elements into design perfectly.

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Evolution of Line Elements

TASAKI Chain Element

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TASAKI liberates the pearl from the traditional concept, and the gold in the STRETCHED series is designed in the shape of a chain, showing the shape of the wrapped pearl. The gradual pearls stretch out a rhythmic force under the tandem of the gold chain. More Earrings Manufacturers just visit: http://www.auleyjewelry.com/bangles/


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In the spring and summer of 2019, SWAROVSKI is designed with a bow full of girls’ hearts. The new collection features a two-tone design – the bow shape is presented in rose gold and silver inlays, retaining the natural form of the bow tie.

Didier Dubot Rope Element

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The designer from Rings Manufacturer applies the “rope” element to the jewellery, blends naturally with K gold, pearls and other materials, and symbolizes the connection of emotions through intertwined forms.

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