Deconstructing the Oriental Beauty Interpretation of Jewelry New Chinese Style

/Deconstructing the Oriental Beauty Interpretation of Jewelry New Chinese Style


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When it comes to Chinese-style jewellery, the first impression is the rich and precious phase of treasures fill the home, gold ring, jade bracelet, jade and so on. However, in the era when the stereotypes of Chinese jewellery styles are getting more and more serious, a new batch of young jewellery designers use their understanding to re-deconstruct and interpret the Chinese jewelry of the new era, giving people a new look for Chinese-style traditional jewellery new understanding. This new Chinese style draw Jewelry Manufacturer attentions and more and more following this trend.

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Deconstructing the Beauty of the East–Interpreting the “New Chinese Style”

SU Live

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SU Live aims to express the poetic expression of oriental culture, and to reshape the traditional Chinese elements of Osmanthus and small birds. The interpretation is the elegance and exquisiteness of contemporary Chinese art style. Just like the rings showing in the picturer, these style are Rings Manufacturer designers most favourite.


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With a strong tension and a unique personality, the design style is unique. Using K gold, enamel and other personal materials, the twisting of metal to create a new style of Chinese style, has become the darling of entertainment jewelry.

U Jewelry

U Jewelry is determined to represent the oriental culture and to the world’s original jewelry. Each piece reflects the mysterious charm of the oriental elements. Create a cute and stylish New Oriental art jewellery with abstraction of traditional Oriental elements. I think that more and more Earrings Manufacturers will recommend these new Chinese style earings such as lanterns and flowers.

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Ida Callegaro

Taking the Forbidden City as the main body of design, the use of freehand design expressions with k gold to show the unique fashion charm of Chinese elements in the use of jewelry design.

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