Chanel 2020 Spring And Summer Fashion Jewelry New Style

/Chanel 2020 Spring And Summer Fashion Jewelry New Style

Although Chanel lost the legendary figure of Lafayette in the fashion industry last week, it does not affect Chanel’s style and design. This season’s 2020 spring and summer jewelry style is mainly marine casual style, long tassel earrings, candy-like tender and bright colors also carry a little sporty style, adding a lively atmosphere to this famous brand that has always been famous for luxury Jewelry Manufacturer.

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Chanel 2020 spring and summer fashion jewelry new style inventory

Candy color

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This season’s jewelry is characterized by a long tassel design, whether it is a necklace or earlobe. In the shade, it presents a candy-like translucent texture with high saturated and vivid tones, with pearls, K gold, and casual style.

Nautical Wind

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The silvery silver metal is complemented by a light blue, breathable crystal with a fresh, comfortable feel. The design is nautical in style with the entanglement of sailboat ropes. If you are finding a professional Jewelry Sets Manufacturer as Chanel, it is not that easy.

Braided chain

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Applying chanel’s classic bagchain design to jewelry creates a tough, neutral style. There is no exaggerated and complicated pattern design, and the simple circular winding shows Chanel’s classic skill. The low-key and unobtrusive design is more suitable for women in the workplace. The Earrings Manufacturers for Chanel must be professional.

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