British Niche Personality Fun Jewelry Brand RUIFIER

/British Niche Personality Fun Jewelry Brand RUIFIER

Established in the UK in 2013, RUIFIER, Rachel Shaw was founded in London. The brand is the Fashion Fine Jewelry that is becoming the trend. It combines the fashion styling of Fashion Jewelry with the exquisite workmanship of Fine Jewelry, and the avant-garde and simple fun design with the exquisite materials to become the fashion darling of the current star. Ruifier is a little different from the tradition Jewelry Manufacturer.

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British niche personality fun jewelry brand—-RUIFIER

ICON series

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As the latest in Ruifier’s collection, the designer’s choice of the most popular 3D structure is inspired by the diamond. The sturdy metal feels thick and the brilliance of the diamonds creates a huge visual impact. As we can see, it is not that similar to the style from other Jewelry Sets Manufacturer.


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The MODERN WORDS collection is based on the current minimalist design. K gold with small, mainstream design elements such as love, stars, and so on, looking delicate and refined.

NEXUS series

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Through the reorganization of the geometric shape of the Nexus series filled with this strong industrial style, the designer uses a simple sense of line, space, to create a personality and low-key high-end jewelry. Apart from this brand, we also can find some this kind of Pendants Manufacturer.

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