Baselworld Jewelry & Watch Fair 2019

/Baselworld Jewelry & Watch Fair 2019

In the context of overall economic and political turmoil, the future of the watch industry is full of uncertain atmosphere. The biggest luxury goods in the traditional watch industry have been constantly trying new marketing, product development and distribution methods. It is possible to predict a slow, cautious route. At the same time, smaller and more independent brands in the watch industry are leading the way we call “real innovation”, which is also popular in Jewelry Manufacturer.

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Casio clock

Casio uses a “rainbow” pattern that appears after plating in a specific form on a metal surface. The 2019 Casio G-Shock MT-G “Lunar Rainbow” uses last year’s new MT-G watch and has been updated to include “Moon Rainbow” metal fittings and color palette colors.

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Patek Philippe Clock

As the successor to Geneva’s great watchmaking tradition, Patek Philippe continues all the skills that have long played a role in watchmaking. At this year’s baselworld exhibition, it is a highlight of the 50 special creations, showing its most beautiful craftsmanship. Hand-carved, grand cloisonne, enamel miniature painting, wooden miniature inlay, handmade. Superb artistic, creative and aesthetic charm.

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Element – shape flower

Every season, the flower is always a main element, and the feminine beauty and beauty are the ultimate. In addition to the inlaying process of high-end jewellery, this baselword pays more attention to the pattern design of flowers, and the lines are more natural and playful.

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The infinitely magnified chain, the use of zippers, and the combination of metallic colors add more interest and are placed in the special style of Italy.

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From the perspective of the overall diamond market, there are more divergent and orderly designs in it. Stylish purists shield against prejudice. Changing the outline marks the evolution of the female body’s liberation. In the trend of new wear, this is a modern diamond creation tribute to the tribute, iconic style.

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