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2020 Spring & Summer Jewellery Trend Silent Generation Y Color

Y-generation, including all the people born in 1984-2000, and the typical "Millennial Generation" will officially enter the consumer army by 2019. Unsafe, self- and high-frequency consumption is a feature of millennials. The Y-generation who is tired of the same trend and keeps up with the fashion trend is eager to define their own uniqueness through [...]

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What Is The Best Jewelry Manufacturer Website?

After reading this article about 2020 Jewelry Color Trend Forecast EmotionLove, we will know how to find the best jewelry manufacturer website from China. Overview: People want to get in touch with things that touch them emotionally and physically, including sexual desire, mood, and diet. Depression and autism are slowly consuming the human nature. As [...]

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Holiday Ladies Jewelry Theme Design Graduation Ball

Spiritual Inspiration For Jewelry Manufacturer Driven by the new generation of It girls, the prom theme draws inspiration from their current styling and combines vintage charm to evolve five different styles. From sweet girl models to eye-catching silhouettes, these key pieces reflect their personality development. With the return of partywear, luxury materials and contrast ratios [...]

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2019 Hong Kong International Jewelry Exhibition Pearl Analysis

Pearl Bubble Series The pearl elements are blended into the bubble theme, and the pearls of different sizes earrings are combined to create a feeling of error. Adding K gold elements is more feminine. Pearl Crown Series In the fairy tale of the princess, the crown is essential. The crown is blended with elegant pearls, [...]

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Popular Fashion Mysterious Egyptian Style Jewelry

Influenced by Chanel's latest season's high-end handicraft workshop series, Egyptian style jewellery has ushered in a new round of fashion in the fashion world. It is also retro and luxurious with a touch of glamour and sexy, such as tassel elements, Horus eye, snake, insect. Such as the shape, exaggerated and unique style is very [...]

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2020 Winter Jewelry Manufacturer Items Update

Contour: As the trend of dress continues to influence the fashion world, more and better styles will begin to dominate the 2019/20 autumn and winter jewelry collection. Extremely large proportions are key. Material: Crystals, pearls and gems will occupy an important position in the design during the season when decorative objects and jewellery design have [...]

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