Apparel Accessories For Ladies & Jewelry Trends: Consensus

/Apparel Accessories For Ladies & Jewelry Trends: Consensus


This warm palette is inspired by painting elements and interior design. Baking yellow, iron red, dark yellow green and amber ash are used as the background color, and bright colors such as cream yellow, coral powder and lilac purple are used for brightening. Eggplant purple and calm blue-green make the palette more complete and infused with luxury inspiring fashion jewellery wholesalers.

jewelry accessories for ladies

Work Place

Inspired by dedicated products such as boots and kits to create authentic, functional, versatile shoes and accessories. Choose natural materials such as wood and leather to add hand-made flavor for special occasions.

Return to the Earth

The trend of craftsmanship in spring and summer of 2018 is developing in a simple direction, and its inspiration comes from the cultivation of simple land. Woven straw Lafite is still the key material, and the familiar animal prints create innovation pieces. Straw hat wildflowers dominate the floral pattern, cowhide grain new animal texture.

jewelry accessories for ladies

Santa Fe Sunset

The core neutral color is matched with blue and coral, which makes the western elements more refined, while the folks reveal the bohemian style. Mainly Western boots, blanket scarves and wide-brimmed hats, they are also ideal jewelry pieces by traditional jewelry sets wholesalers for music festival .

Bohemian Spirit

The trend of the 2000s replaced the 90s, and the free bohemian elements represent freedom. Natural gemstones, commemorative pendants, hair bands and fringed shawls are popular jewelry pieces, and Roman sandals are once again a must-have item.

Pastoral Picnic

Consumers individuality requirement has triggered a trend of nostalgic. Explore vintage pieces, refurbished shoes and accessories while maintaining femininity, such as cat glasses frames, sweet patterns and singular heel details. So 925 sterling silver necklaces manufacturers are willing to strick this trend.

jewelry accessories for ladies

Daylily Charm

Power dressing is more fashionable than the previous seasons, increasing business chance. This trend combines elegant design with dignified details, thinking about show of weekend wear. The shape is more feminine than the tailored dress .

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