2020 Winter Jewelry Manufacturer Items Update

/2020 Winter Jewelry Manufacturer Items Update

Contour: As the trend of dress continues to influence the fashion world, more and better styles will begin to dominate the 2019/20 autumn and winter jewelry collection. Extremely large proportions are key.

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Material: Crystals, pearls and gems will occupy an important position in the design during the season when decorative objects and jewellery design have a great impact on the accessories. Natural gemstones touch the health market, and plastics and plastics are used to add new ideas. Use these materials to create designs that don’t go out of style.

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Details: The retro-style revival is mentioned in this season’s trend forecast report, Jewelry manufacturer has drawn inspiration from the styles of the past few decades, and combined to form an eclectic personality mix and match components. The heart shape and the cross become the key pattern common to both high-end and fashion jewelry. Mysterious themes and assembly loops meet the constant consumer demand for personalization.

Color: The trend of multi-color products continues. Bright gems refurbished with a personalized silhouette.

Stunning Earrings

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Exaggerated personality earrings remain the focus of jewelry design, and this season’s most popular designs will continue to dominate the T-stage, street and retail markets.


As the popularity of the pendant continues to rise, the cross pendant as a must-have item for the 2019/20 autumn and winter returns to the people’s field of vision, in line with the mysticism and spirituality theme in this season’s Qiyue trend forecast report.

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Personalized Cocktail Ring

Further enhancing the influence of this season’s costume styling, the cocktail ring has re-emerged as a must-have item in the refurbishment category.

Personality Gemstone Necklace

Extremely complex aesthetics define the tone of this season’s jewellery design and also herald the return of individual necklaces.

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Modern Myth

In line with this season’s odd trend forecast, a series of jewelry designs began with the theme of mysticism and spirituality. The popularity of the symbol pendant continues to rise, reflecting the individual tone of the sweeping fashion.

Oversized Badge Pendant

Pendant style is still the focus of attention, large-size badge necklace is concerned, in line with the 2020/21 autumn and winter theme.

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Heart Pattern

Innovative, vulgar and playful patterns inspired the jewellery design of the season and infused a fascinating and relaxed atmosphere into the jewellery category.

Combination Earrings

The assembled design refurbished the core earrings to make jewelry design easier and more fun.

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Jewelry Set

The revival of the right dress ushered in the return of the Jewelry Sets Manufacturer this season, and echoed the trend of dressing.

Decorative Party Wrist

After several seasons of earrings and neckwear leading jewelry categories, wristwear began to grab market share.

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