2020 Spring and Summer Update Men’s Jewelry

/2020 Spring and Summer Update Men’s Jewelry


Contour: As the styling and sophisticated style continue to prevail, the design tends to be complex and the classic silhouette continues to evolve. The collar is still the focus of jewelry design, and the ring and urban belt chain become key categories. Material: General hand made material choosing by Jewelry Manufacturer is the key.

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Mainly used for the western summer theme and the new pendant silhouette. Beading is very important. Details: Practical design trends emphasize conceptual and personalization. With the popularity of vintage and mix-and-match styles, pendants are on the rise and are used in laminate profiles and ring combinations. Color: Colors show personality and are used for urban beaded silhouettes. The eye-catching gemstones are enhanced with a range of shades.

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Upgrade Classic

Classic men’s clothing returns to fashion, and the style continues to inspire design. The revival of formal jewellery coincides with the classic theme of the process of predicting trends accepted by fashion silver Earrings Manufacturers.

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Eye-catching gems combine high-end and fashion jewellery. Color is very important, and the color treasure will mix and match different shapes, cuts and inlays.

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Rings are key pieces of the season, presented individually or in combination. The square gemstone ring features a large, brightly colored gemstone, and the geometric ring set reveals a subtle classic feel for the core collection.

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Pendant Update

With the rise of retro fashion, pendants continue to rise. The mix and match components are eclectic, revealing a playful and cute atmosphere, and renovating the structure of the previous seasons.

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Novel level

The multi-strand level is still critical to the silhouette of the collar, renovating a single chain that was popular in previous seasons. So it get the Jewelry Sets Manufacturer designers attention.

Single pendant

Consistent with the endless summer theme in the same trend forecast, handmade leather, rope, original metal, wood, glass, shells and natural gemstones are integrated into the jewellery design. This nostalgic handcraft style pushes the hand pendant as the core element of summer.

New border

As part of the forecast of the same trend, the Midwestern American theme entered the fashion. The traditional American theme with nostalgic charm has become the focus.

Urban beading

Beads are presented in a lively, individual style that is consistent with the mix of crafts themes in different trend predictions. The combination of craftsmanship and urban streetwear and slogans is key.

Belt chain

Under the influence of street fashion, the belt chain has become a unique jewelry item. Urban wind chains dominate, with different styles, lengths, metal sheets and layers.

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