2020 Ladies Jewelry Design & Development

/2020 Ladies Jewelry Design & Development

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2020 spring and summer ladies jewelry design and development

Design points: earrings can still drive sales, simple and large earrings bring important updates, Céline and Sophie Buhai are important sources of inspiration for fashion Jewelry Sets Manufacturer.

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Slender necklace

Design points: Neutral with the long-lasting trend of individuality, minimalist style will return. Beautiful design blends into this trend.

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Pearl necklace

Design Highlights: Based on the commercial success of pearl earrings, bring pearls into the field of necklaces.

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Pendant earrings

Design Highlights: Upgraded Couture and JCKE’s popular earrings, which are more elegant than individual earrings.

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Surround ring

Design points: Promote body decoration forward with smooth organic shape to meet consumer demand for unique items by Rings Manufacturer.

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Organic bead necklace

Design points: pure handicraft production is still popular, and the rise of bohemian elements heralds the return of organic bead necklaces.

Vintage chain

Design points: After the personality earrings have been dominated for a long time, the necklace has become new again. The retro chain takes advantage of the rise of vintage items.

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Daily bracelet

Design points: bracelets continue to grab the market share of earrings, simple metal bracelets become an important item for casual styling.

Oversized earrings

Design points: The oversized size of the personalized earrings has entered a new field, with pendant rivets and earrings.

Gemstone rivet bracelet

Design points for Jewelry Manufacturer: This is another item that heralds the focus of the arm again. Use gemstone rivet bracelets to show seasonal colors.

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