2020 Ladies Jewelry Accessories Trend Forecast – Exotic Gorgeous

/2020 Ladies Jewelry Accessories Trend Forecast – Exotic Gorgeous

Personality is the key point of this trend, with mix-match materials, conflict styles and multicultural elements to show the beauty of the complex.

gemstone jewelry

Foreign and cross-cultural elements are blended and updated with bright bold colors and textures.

Fancy fabrics and mixed decorations highlight the brilliance, which has been popular for many seasons and will growth quickly.

Designers draw inspiration from the architecture and art of the past jewelry manufacturer, blending nostalgic elements with global style .

gemstone jewelry

Asymmetrical earrings, layered necklaces and individual rings show a custom-made mix style.

Analysis Conference

The accessories combine different materials and styles to express individuality. The earrings are made up of colorful pieces asymmetrically. Brightly patterned headscarves, colorful snake leather and fluorescent jacquard fabrics exude an exotic new look.

Gemstones and flowers combine simple metal parts or studded hardware to create a mix-match style.

gemstone jewelry


A wide range of jewelry accessories interpret the style and cross-cultural style to tell the interesting story. The contrasting fabrics and gorgeous accessories are full of nostalgic style, showing the beauty of the bustling.

Street Style Earrings

The style of the mix-match makes the street look gorgeous. The bag is made of exotic leather and jewel-colored satin. Mixed-tone earrings and
Earrings Manufacturer are assembled from colorful pieces, and the cocktail combination ring reveals a luxurious touch. Silk headscarves wrap the head, avant-garde and stylish.

gemstone jewelry

Details & Materials

The dressing fabric is refurbished into a saturated bright color and eye-catching pastel color. Glossy satin and long-haired material with decorative details, using monochrome to achieve perfect results. Exotic leather, vibrant jacquard and metallic Baroque fabrics show bold color. Iridescent crystals and gems jewelry.

gemstone jewelry

Recommended Jewelry Sets

Full-print printed structural headscarf refurbished silk headscarf with striking chandelier earrings. The hanging ear detail and the colored jacquard drawstring bag cater to the retro trend. Colorful gemstones and exotic animal prints inject new ideas into individual cocktail rings manufacturer. Bright earrings with resin and gemstones catch your eye focus.

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