2020 Jewelry Popular Floral Elements

/2020 Jewelry Popular Floral Elements

The 2019-2020 New York fashion catwalk has a character that cannot be ignored – the floral element. The flower element is one of the most classic elements in the jewellery world. The spring and summer is the season when the flowers bloom. The flowers are not as good as the “wearing flowers”. The jewellery wearing the “flowers” brings out the elegance of women while posing. Have a view for Jewelry Manufacturer.

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2020 spring and summer jewelry pop elements floral elements

Metal texture

In order to highlight the uniqueness of the jewellery, the designers grasped the subtle characteristics of the flower, proceeded at the details of the flower, and created a delicate petal vein through the metal texture.

Pavé setting

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The pavé-set jewellery is superb and elegant, and the mosaic is more prominent in the shape of the flower, while the brilliance of the diamond adds charm to the flower.

Gold and silver bicolor flowers

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We often have a flower: it has a golden flower, white and innocent petals. This flower can be perfectly restored in jewelry. The use of gold and silver by Bracelets Manufacturers to distinguish between petals and stamens, to restore the true while breaking a single tone, more agile.

Handmade brand Ranjana Khan

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Ranjana Khan, influenced by modern and national culture, usually combines unusual combinations of colors, blends unique textures, and is bold in choice of materials, ribbons, silk, velvet, feathers…

Ranjana Khan

In the deep holiday style, I expressed my love for flowers.

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Flower cluster

The delicate flowers are gathered together to form a flower cluster, which has a stronger visual impact on Necklaces manufacturer. The splendid flower clusters are full of romance and passion that belong to spring and summer.

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