2020 Elements Oversized Fashion Jewelry

/2020 Elements Oversized Fashion Jewelry


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Oversized jewelry appears as a highlight of the concert at the concert, or on top of the show is undoubtedly the best “companion” of MODEL. It will also become one of the fashion elements of spring and summer 2020 following by Pendants Manufacturer.

2020 spring and summer fashion elements oversized jewelry

Jewelry Manufacturer

Silver Jewelry piece

The atmosphere of European and American styles is fashionable and fashionable. The necklace with super-large leaves is full of tropical feeling. The ring is hand-woven, exquisite and creative.

Jewelry Manufacturer

Metal Jewelry piece

Metal soft weave design, sense of space and balance. Large block metal design of Bangles Manufacturer.

Gold Jewelry piece

Jewelry Manufacturer

Shallow, cool-toned neck ornaments, with a hint of cool summer, rolling green diamonds, full of aura. Ending with metal tassels at the buckle, the entire design is romantic and vibrant.

Gemstone piece

3D designs of Jewelry Manufacturer incorporate more and more designs. Asymmetry as the main design increases the sense of space.

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