2020 Autumn & Winter Men’s Jewelry Piece

/2020 Autumn & Winter Men’s Jewelry Piece

Increase the chain of the chain to show the youthful personality,

Jewelry Manufacturer

This is the most prominent link structure of the season for Jewelry Manufacturer. The cumbersome style, two-tone effect, plastic and ceramic ingredients bring an update. Not only can be used as a necklace, chain or key to making a bracelet. Longer styles are the most popular. Different lengths can be stacked.

Beaded necklaces and bracelets add a modern touch to clothing,

Jewelry Manufacturer

Natural materials, metals and leather can be used to make beads and create necklaces and bracelets. Different types of beads can be used as beads, especially large beads that swell. Bracelets and necklaces can be stacked and more personalized. Shells, large pearls, and small glass discs bring avant-garde design by Rings Manufacturer.

A variety of pendant update chain necklaces,

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Not limited to simple labels and wafers, a wide variety of pendants have emerged. Chains of different lengths and different spacings can be seen. Pendants include innovative materials, stones, bullets, amulets and pendants. Single letters have more market potential and can spell out complete words.

Earrings show tough rebellious qualities,

They can be worn alone or in pairs, and earrings are a must-have earring style that can be seen on many shows. Raf Simons’ punk style pull ring style emphasizes the rebellious tone. From large to small, with or without decoration, some earrings are also inlaid with Swarovski crystals. The silver effect is dominant.

Neck and neck ornaments are more time-consuming than the necklace chain,

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The neckwear was once a women’s single item, with historical connotations, and now fully enters the menswear market. Pendants, trinkets, and text are all important details of the chain. The minimalist collar features leather and rubber seats, and is printed with a print and brand name. Trinkets and pendants create a more dignified collar look.

Large size metal parts update wallet chain,

No longer a standard chain, the wallet chain has a new creative design. Trinkets, webbing, key rings, large chain rings, etc. are used. There are a wide variety of personal fastenings, ranging from large-size split rings to large industrial buckles. Large chain and clips bring updates.

Large size update bracelet and bracelet,

Men’s bracelets are more rugged, and the materials and structures are more varied. The practical style is very trendy, and the practical and rough industrial wind belt clips are made. The chain becomes rough and the chain size is enlarged and thicker. Shaped plastic and acrylic styles are more dynamic.

For fashion rings, design is a must-have,

The more rugged style dominates, in this close to the Baroque style of the theme, the popular hands multi-finger folding ring shape. You can use a combination of rings to spell out words to make the style more interesting. Rich styling updates the stamp ring, engraved with patterns, logos, or decorated with stone. Silver brushed steel and gold effects are common in Bracelets Manufacturers.

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