2020 Autumn And Winter Ladies Jewelry Design Topic: Nomadic Custom Style

/2020 Autumn And Winter Ladies Jewelry Design Topic: Nomadic Custom Style

Embracing nature again and dialogue with the classics is the focus of the modern folk style of autumn and winter 2020. Maybe all the 925 sterling silver earrings suppliers are interested in this report.

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The combination of traditional customs and folklore patterns from different cultures has further developed the trend of “starting from the heart” and creating a new traditional style for the autumn and winter of 2020. Through accessories, divination symbols and impromptu manuals, the demand for originality and the urgent desire to re-engage with nature are reflected by jewelry manufacturer China.

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Collector Necklaces

Natural elements, such as shells, colored beads and stones, have been refurbished with layered necklaces, reflecting the ardent hope that people are eager to embrace nature. The natural materials of different shapes and textures are mixed together to bring originality to the handmade souvenirs. The golden closures and small ornaments enhance the natural simplicity of the product and create a modern style.

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Mysterious Rings

The Heirloom Ring has been updated with the stamp ring of the previous season, and the traditional acronyms and combination patterns have evolved to be more mysterious. Space symbols and amulets, such as the zodiac and the zodiac, continue to evolve into more sexy details. Textured metal and engraved surfaces bring a sense of authenticity, invigorating the colored gemstone fashion rings for women.

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Feather Earrings

Feather elements become key patterns that have evolved the shamanic trend and revived bohemian style. Carved metal and textured metal highlight the exquisiteness of natural feathers. Simple and rustic feather earrings bring a strong gas content, and semi-precious feather earrings are more suitable for party parties.

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Single Earrings

Single earrings become a must-have item, as self-expression and individual style are still the key to the jewelry collection. Asymmetric combinations are key, as are textured surfaces, natural gemstones and metal hanging spikes. As the recent show shows, fluency is a key trend in modern jewellery, adding a sense of movement and depth to the jewellery collection.

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Combination Bracelets

The combination bracelet is a hot item in the 2020 Autumn and Winter “Men’ Jewelry Report”, and the commercial appeal of this item is constantly rising, as the layered style and individuality items still dominate the jewelry market. The textured surface and the carved metal are historical, while the colored beads add a bohemian touch. Decorative bracelets of various widths are versatile and versatile.

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